The joyful policy 2022 campaign

The  dove of Peace

The happy planet

Photo: Kisu Huuskonen

 +358 45 691 4515 


I am Paula Huhtanen, an artist.

My art is full of color and vitality. I create paintings and mixed media artwork on various surfaces and materials. In addition to painting on canvas, I create art on various everyday objects such as clothing, accessories, shoes, tools, suitcases, exercise equipment and vehicles. Colors are energy that we can use to impact our world.

My artworks can be seen and their energies can be sensed.
My art carries a clear message: everything is fine and all will be well!


Well-being and creativity
Do you need more energy? Do you wish to develop your creativity? Does your group need the tools of creative expression for training events? Let’s use the possibilities of creative work together to enhance your well-being!

Interior spaces
Commission me to surround you with inspiring spaces, and you can create an unique atmosphere with visual and installation art. I will make the most of your space with interior solutions that make the space inviting and special.

Object art
You can commission me to transform your old objects into unique art objects. Many kinds of everyday items are suitable for my artistic method, including both hard and soft materials.
- Recycle, retain and revive! Give mundane things a chance to shine and be seen.

Let’s make your ideas into reality!
The whole creative palette of JOYISM is at your disposal!

Paula Huhtanen
+358 45 691 4515