I’m Paula Huhtanen, an artist.
My mission is to create happiness through art.
When I paint, nothing can stop me.

Even in the darkest days I see the sun.
I believe that everything’s going to be just fine.
My motto is: When you hit a wall, create a way through.

Is there something you need? Something you wish for? Something you desire?

I have the entire spectrum of my creative palette on offer.
Hire the services of an inspirer, artist and rejuvenator.

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+358 45 691 4515 paula.huhtanen@gmail.com


Does your life need some magic?

Call the rejuvenator when you would like to change everything, but you don’t want to give up anything. The rejuvenator will give a new, magical look to your old belongings, both in hard and soft materials.


A new look for textiles, furniture and objects


• Homes, offices, public spaces
• Using what is already there, saving the enviroment
• Tailored for the needs and wishes of the client

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+358 45 691 4515 paula.huhtanen@gmail.com


The illustrator will help you when you want your product or service to attract admiring looks. The illustrator will create a new look for your product and give it an opportunity to shine.

Pictures to shape up products and packaging  

• Pattern it up
• Print it pretty
• Sweet packaging



Want to get inspired?

Call the artist to create a space that inspires your work. The artist will boost your space with art and with decorating solutions that use her pieces.

Artworks tune the environment  

• Improve your space with paintings, art objects, art
  furniture and exhibitions
• For worksspaces and client meeting rooms
• Tailor made to the client's and users' needs


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+358 45 691 4515 paula.huhtanen@gmail.com


Do you need more energy?

Call in the inspirer to guide you to creative thinking and artistic experimentation. The inspirer will raise your energies with joy and art.

Art education and creativity coaching


• For group and individuals, at work or leisure
• At your space or mine, we can choose the space together
• Tailored to your needs and wishes


Ask me more!
+358 45 691 4515 paula.huhtanen@gmail.com


I was born into the polar night of Lapland in 1965.
The taiga was frosty with my mother’s voice.
The November child coloured the windows and walls with
stories. My Lapland roots and dancing paintbrush nourish me wherever I am. My works are full of art, peace and love.

Peek to my world:

Art of Doing | Paula Huhtanen


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Let's bring your ideas into reality.

Taiteilija Paula Huhtanen
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