the Joyful policy 2022
some works of art

In the Joyful policy 2022 campaign, we use art
 to invite everyone to notice the good things!
Everything's going to be alright!

Joyistic art energy gave rise to the symbol of
the campaign, a colorful chairperson's gavel.
 It's a symbol, an objet d'art, a tool, and a gentle
 message about the times we live in.

400 unique gavels were made.
They were donated to policymakers and
politicians all around Finland, including
the parliament and all Finnish municipalities.

Color makes a difference!
As an artist I use color and pattern as
charges of vitality, like radiant energy.
For me, it's a magical process where
the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

The jewel-like painted surface of these
 objects  is made by artist Paula Huhtanen.
The wooden gavel is designed and crafted
 by the sculptor Juha Käkelä.
Photos: Kisu Huuskonen
(unless otherwise mentioned)

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